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We arrived on a glorious afternoon in May to a very warm welcome from Karen, the marketing manager of the hotel. I was instantly struck by the beauty of the gardens of the resort; a plethora of tropical pinks and blues furnishing lush grasses and ferns. Upon my arrival I knew that this resort was well cared for and there was an apparent attention to detail expressed by the staff.

Firstly, Karen escorted us to the fitness centre where we were happy to see a large, airy work out area with up to date equipment to cater to all the needs of any fitness enthusiast. We met with one of the trainers and she explained how guests of all fitness levels use the facilities, and tailor-made plans can be prepared via personal consultation. I was also impressed by the fitness centre as the huge windows look out on the beautiful turquoise ocean, allowing guests to enjoy the delights of the east coast whilst working out.

Anahita the Resort

The village area really was a pleasant surprise to see as it is a quaint area with a few tastefully designed buildings diagonally facing each other. As we explored further, and peered into the entrances of the buildings, we saw that these were little shops with varous Mauritian, Asian and European provisions. I was delighted to see something so different within the resort and the village made sense to me once I visited the residences.

On our way to the residences via golf cart, we passed a few members of staff; each time we were greeted by a huge Mauritian smile. We arrived at a residence and I was struck by how serene the area was. The residence is very easy to access however does afford absolute privacy. I was struck by how fresh and new everything looks with a luxurious yet minimalist feel to the decor. The living room is huge with an inviting (and very comfortable) corner unit with a large LCD television. The living area is on a split level which adds to the grandeur. The kitchen is again large and very modern with all the latest gadgets that even Gordon Ramsey would be pleased with. The fridge freezer has a large capacity which would come in handy should you wish to take advantage of the ëin house chefí option, or indeed should you wish to cater for yourself. In the stylish dining room there is a grand mahogany table with the capacity for 8 diners.

Anahita the Resort

The bedrooms are large and furnished with mahogany accented by stylish pinks and oranges. Again, a luxurious feel, but not over-crowed by furniture. I loved the fact that there is also a large cupboard in the residence with a washing machine and an ironing board (just in case you miss doing the laundry!). If not there is also a laundry facility offered by the hotel. The bathrooms are modern and spacious.

Outside to you have a large table with 4 chairs, 2 comfy sun loungers, a rather refreshing looking plunge pool and a view of the bay that took my breath away. The afternoon Mauritian Sun emblazoned the tropical palm trees and brought to life the vibrant flowers and lush greens of the landscape. To also see the amazing Iles of Cerfs from the balcony was dazzling and such a treat. The plunge pool is surprising large and I was tempted to take a dip, although dignity managed to hold me back!

Anahita the Resort

It is a short stroll to the Origine and Bliss restaurants where we were greeted by more friendly smiles and a refreshing cocktail. I have to say that the restaurants were quite quirky, with both private and more social dining areas. The beach is beautiful and naturally caters well to the discerning sun worshiper and swimmer alike. Due to the off-shore coral reef, the waters have a lagoon-like feel, with the small waves gently lapping off the soft white sand. I was delighted to see the very well constructed boat dock, which at the time was decorated with hibiscus flowers, which would be the perfect location for a Mauritian wedding at sunset. Anahita also has one of the best designed and most inviting swimming pools I have ever seen. Again, I was tempted, but managed to restrain myself. There is also a free shuttle to Iles aux Cerfs from the boat dock.

All in all, I thought that Anahita was a well designed, sumptuously luxurious and friendly resort.

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