Chaka Travel’s Guide to the Best Destinations for Combining Golf and Culture

If you love nothing more on holiday than to immerse yourself in the authentic local customs, food and history then you need a holiday that offers a decent amount of culture, as well as some fantastic golf opportunities of course. If you have no idea where to start planning this type of holiday, let us help with our guide to the best destinations for combining golf and culture.


For a culturally diverse holiday, Thailand has more to offer the curious traveller than beach parties and backpacker accommodation. This country boasts some of the most spectacular beaches, ornate temples and ancient ruins to explore when you decide to take a break from golfing at a few very prestigious golf courses. We would recommend a holiday that lets you explore multiple resorts to get the full Thailand experience – our Bangkok, Kanchanaburi and Hua Hin golf holiday could be just what you’re looking for. Revel in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, before unwinding and relaxing completely at the Dheva Mantra Resort & Spa and of course, the golfing is spectacular too. We offer guests 5 rounds of golf at different courses so you can get the full experience, complete with stunning mountain and ocean views. Find out more about our Thailand holidays here, and you can also read about our first-hand experience holidaying in Thailand and how we did our homework on the incredible golf scene.


The Turkish culture is diverse and vibrant, and something you can’t help but immerse yourself in if you visit this beautiful country. If you’re a city-dweller you’ll be right at home in the animated capital of Istanbul, with plenty to entertain including soaking up the traditional arts and architecture. If a beach-vibe is more your style you won’t be disappointed – with its prime location along the Mediterranean Sea you’ll be spoiled by both weather and stunning views throughout your stay. Of course, you came on holiday to golf, so you will definitely be interested to know that the stunning Belek region has the country’s highest density of golf courses – in fact, it’s the most concentrated golfing region in Europe. Find out more about the versatile selection of resorts we offer in Turkey and start planning your trip today.


For a golf holiday filled with unique culture and heritage, Malaysia could be just the place for you. The capital Kuala Lumpur is a melting pot of cultures and traditions, the city is a modern and cosmopolitan capital with the three dominant ethnicities – Malays, Chinese and Indians. We highly recommend an evening wandering through the Chinese market enjoying a lively mix of busy streets with great food, shopping as well as music and dance. The historic, picturesque colonial port of Melaka is 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur and it is a wonderful city to wander around and see the influence that the British, Dutch and Portuguese who controlled this vital port have left. Add other amazing regions including Malaysian Borneo with its exotic wildlife including orangutans and Langkawi Island with its stunning beaches, Malaysia is a wonderful golf holiday destination. We would love to tailor-make an itinerary that allows you to enjoy this amazing golfing and cultural paradise.