Planning a Golf Holiday to South Africa – What You Need to Know

Planning any holiday involves a lot of research, but when you are planning to visit a country as vast as South Africa with your golf clubs, the planning required can take on a whole new level of complexity. But don’t fret, as South Africa golf holiday specialist, we at Chaka Travel can take the stress out of planning your golf holiday to South Africa by designing an itinerary to suit you whether you are a couple, group or family. We have the expertise to help you plan a golf focussed route whether this is your first trip, or a return trip. We can help you with the must-visit regions in South Africa and the must-play golf courses.

To help you get started, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions for first-time golfing visitors to South Africa. Here you will find answers to your questions on how long it takes to get there, to currency and driving information; plus lots of useful tips on the best time to visit, the local variations in climate and how to get around.

See the full list of questions and answers here.

Read on for detailed advice on what you need to know about golf in South Africa and getting your golf clubs to South Africa.

Our top tips to get you started on planning your golf holiday or Safari to South Africa are below:

When is the best time of year to visit South Africa for a Golf Holiday?

South Africa is a year-round destination with one of the most pleasant year-round climates in the world. Being in the southern hemisphere their seasons are reversed in relation to ours. The South African summer runs from November to March and winter from the end of May to September but warm sunny days can be experienced all year round. The wet season in South Africa comes during the summer months, except for in the Western Cape Province which experiences most of its rainfall during the winter months. During the mid-winter months temperatures can drop quite drastically at night in the interior areas due to the higher altitude.

What areas of South Africa are best to visit in the winter months, end of May to September?

The Northern Regions are good destinations in the winter months as game viewing is at its best and the temperatures are very mild (maximum 20–23°C (68–73°F). There is very little winter rainfall in the north

What regions of South Africa are best to visit in the summer months, November to March?

The Southern Regions are summer (November to March) destinations with low summer rainfall and temperatures reaching 28–30°C (82– 86°F) or higher on beautiful days

Is English widely spoken in South Africa?

Yes, English is spoken throughout the country.

What  currency is used in South Africa?

South Africa uses the Rand, denoted by the currency symbol R and the currency code ZAR. MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Visa are widely accepted in South African banks, hotels and most shops. We recommend that you have some Rand in cash for when you arrive before going on to use credit and debit cards for most payments. The South African Rand offers great value for money against major world currencies making food, drink and other purchases very affordable. As a UK traveller, you will find that your spending money goes a long way!
For more detailed information on shopping hours, tipping, bank opening times and exchange facilities, see our South Africa FAQ.

What is the best way to travel around South Africa – Self-drive, transfers or escorted tour?

It is very easy to tour by car as the roads in South Africa are well-maintained and well-signposted, and driving is on the left hand side, as in Britain. We can organise hire cars for you to pick up at the airport, or if you would prefer to not drive on your arrival day we can have your car delivered to your accommodation and arrange a transfer from the airport to the hotel.
If you aren’t keen on the idea of driving yourself then transfers between airports, accommodation and golf courses can all be organized. We can also arrange escorted tours by mini-bus for small tour groups. For more detailed advice on the
options to travel around South Africa or driving in South Africa click to see our detailed tips.

Can I get a golf caddie in South Africa?

Most Golf courses will have caddies although the standards vary substantially. Ask the caddie master to arrange a caddie for you and ensure that you are happy with the selection. Certain caddies are there only to carry your bags where others will assist where required. At present the caddies’ fees range from R60 (£5.00) to R80 (£6.70) and this excludes R10 (80p) after 9 holes. You are free to tip the caddie after your round, according to their worth.

How much does it cost to hire a golf cart in South Africa?

Golf Carts can be hired at most golf courses for around R140 (£12.00) for 18 holes. You will be informed in your quotation whether golf carts are included in your round. Halfway House – It is normal for all golfers to stop at the halfway house after nine holes to enjoy a drink and snack for approximately 10 minutes. (Caddies normally receive about R10 (80p) at this stage).

Do I need Soft Spikes on South African Golf Courses?

Soft Spikes – These are compulsory on many courses. If you do not have soft spikes you should inform the pro shop and they will fit you a set of soft spikes before your round.

Do I need proof of my handicap to play golf in South Africa?

This may be required when playing in a club competition. If you have proof of your golf handicap, we suggest you carry it with you whenever you are playing Golf.

What is the etiquette when on the golf course in South Africa?

Sand Bags – It is compulsory to carry a filled sandbag when playing golf courses in the Cape Region. Fill up divots with sand.

Rate of Play – A round of golf in South Africa should not take more than 4.5 hours. It is expected for a four ball to allow a two ball to play through when the two ball is consistently waiting to play, unless the field is full, always keep up with the players ahead of you.

Enjoyment – You will never experience the game in such unique surroundings as in South Africa. From Cape Town with Table Mountain as a constant backdrop, to Sun City where antelope wander the course, you are in for the golfing experience of a lifetime. After your game, enjoy the facilities of the club, have a drink and a local beer and enjoy the views.

What to wear on the Golf Course in South Africa – Golf Club Dress Code


  • Long pants or golf shorts. No jeans or tracksuit bottoms
  • Shirts must have collars as well as sleeves and remain tucked in at all time
  • Long socks or ankle socks (white) with shorts are acceptable
  • Soft spiked golf shoes
  • Traditional golf hats or peaks to be worn with the peak forward


  • Tailored trousers, skirt of golf shorts (skirt to be no shorter than 15cm above the knee when kneeling)
  • Golf shirt with collar
  • Long socks or ankle socks (white) are acceptable
  • Soft spiked golf shoes
  • Traditional golf hats or peaks to be worn with the peak forward


Strictly Not Accepted

  • Shirts hanging out of trousers, footwear worn without socks, denim material or tracksuits, beachwear, running shoes or sports team kit.

Club House:

  • Club houses tend to have a smart casual dress code, generally requiring similar attire to on the course. However long trousers are usually required after 6pm. Hats are not to be worn in many club houses and spiked golf shoes are a definite no. Of course, individual golf clubs may have specific requirements that vary from others but use the above as a general overall guide.

How much luggage can I bring to South Africa and are golf clubs included?

The general allowance is 23kg for one piece of luggage per person. The additional cost of bringing your golf clubs will be built into your airfare if necessary. If flying with Emirates you are entitled to two pieces of luggage totalling 30kg, which should be sufficient for your luggage and golf bag.
Be aware that if you are taking any internal flights within South Africa you will still be allowed your 23kg piece of luggage but will be required to pay approximately £20 per golf bag when at the airport. This cannot be pre-paid in advance.
If flying on a through ticket with Emirates you will still be entitled to two pieces of luggage totalling 30kg for your internal flights at no extra cost.

The above is only a rough guide and your exact luggage allowance will be clearly outlined in your quote. Please note this information is subject to change at any time.

More detailed tips and advice on travel to South Africa can be found using the links below:

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Remember, if you prefer to speak to a specialist to get the information you can always speak to our friendly South Africa travel consultants at Chaka Travel.