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Fishing Holidays

fishing holiday with Chaka TravelChaka Travel provide a wide range of tailor made fresh water and big game fishing holidays to some of the world’s most exotic locations including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Kenya, Mauritius and Lake Nasser in Egypt. Whether you want to fish for Tiger in the Zambezi or try big game fishing in the Indian Ocean – Chaka Travel can provide the ultimate fishing experience.

Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana

fishing holiday in Africa with Chaka TravelThis is the area of open grasslands and thick bushland, where the 'big five' (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino) abound in their natural beauty. This great land is also home to the world’s ultimate fresh water fighting fish - the Tiger - and some of the world's ultimate fishing adventures.

Chaka Travel offer tiger fishing on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana.
During the prime tiger months of September to November 10-20 fish per day per fisherman is not uncommon, with the average trophy tiger in some areas being 12 pounds! The average catch during the rains (mid-December through March) range around 7 pounds. Besides great tiger there are plenty of bream, chessa, nkupe, barbel, cornish jack, and bottlenose. Fishing is best September through March.

Maldives fishing holiday

Deep-sea fishing in the azure blue Maldives waters can be arranged for experienced fishermen and first-timers alike. The numerous fish varieties include sailfish, huge tuna, wahoo, barracuda and jackfish. If you are interested please let us know and we’ll select a resort that offers good fishing.

Kenya and Mauritius

It was over 100 years ago that game fishing first caught the public imagination, when anglers realised that the greatest fishing challenges prowled the blue waters in the depths of the Oceans.

Marlin and sailfish, barracuda and shark swim the warm currents of the Indian ocean - fierce challenges for the angler determined to experience the ultimate angling thrill. Chaka offer big game fishing for sailfish and marlin in Kenya and Mauritius


fishing holiday in Mauritius with Chaka TravelMauritius is a paradise for big game fishing. The waters abound with big game fish, including blue and black marlin, sailfish, yellow-fin tuna, wahoo, skipjack tuna (Bonito) and shark (including Hammerhead, Mako, Black and White Fin).

Big game fishing is practised throughout the year in Mauritius although the best season for Marlin is from October to April. These are truly world record waters.


fishing holiday in Kenya with Chaka TravelOffering one of the best salt water sports fishing venues in the Indian Ocean, Kenya attracts anglers from all over the world, . Kenya has a tropical coastline with predictable currents - perfect for an abundance of marine life. It has a superb reef structure only a few hundred metres offshore, quickly dropping off to 100m to 500m usually within a kilometer of the coast. These features combine to provides superb near shore game fishing, compassing all major game fish species. Currents and tides offshore provide an ideal environment for marlin, wahoo, and bull dorado.

Egypt - Lake Nasser

fishing holiday in Egypt with Chaka TravelLake Nasser has arguably the best freshwater fishing in the world for both Nile perch and tiger fish. There are also several species of catfish (including the legendary giant vundu). All told there are some thirty two species of fish in the lake including two species of tilapia (who give a good account of themselves on a fly rod).

The Nile perch is the largest freshwater fish in the world accessible to anglers. There is an account from Lake Victoria where local fishermen caught an incredible 232kg (516lb) Nile perch. The biggest recorded Nile perch from Lake Nasser is 176kg (392lb). Research shows that Nile perch have a better chance of reaching record sizes in lakes rather than in a river system, there is every indication that there are massive fish still living in Lake Nasser.

Tailor Made Holidays

All of our fishing holidays are tailor made to suit your individual requirements. Please complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you with full details and a price for the holiday of your choice.

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