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Morocco golf holidays are available all year round as the average monthly temperatures do not fall below 23 degrees even in the ‘cold’ season. The likes of the Riu Tikida Palace, Riu Tikida Dunas and the Sofitel Marrakech hotels are perfect for an African Golf break. Morocco is within easy reach of the UK and is ideal for your first African golf experience with more and more daily flights being added from most UK airports. Mark has visited Morocco and played the courses. Allow our team to tailor your dream Morocco golf holiday.

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Morocco Golf Holidays

Although Morocco is just across the narrow straits of Gibraltar from Europe, it is a world away in culture and experience, brimming over with contrasts, colour and mystery. A facinating country to discover for both golfer and non-golfer, sited at the crossroads where East meets West, Africa meets Europe, and the Mediterranean merges with the Atlantic.

As a holiday destination, Morocco has it all, from beaches where you can spend long, lazy days or go surfing, mountains for hiking, & golf courses, not to mention the countless souks to explore.

Golf in Morocco:Morocco is one of the best-kept secrets in the golfing world. Less than 3 hours from the UK, an exotic holiday destination par excellence with impeccably groomed and virtually uncrowded golf courses of distinction and immense variety – the snows of the Atas forming the backdrop to the Marrakech Courses; fairways carved through a forest of cork and oak trees in Rabat; on the golden dunes at Agadir and extending through lush olive groves and open countryside looking out towards the summits of the High Atlas at Royal Fez.

Safety in Morocco:We found that some people are concerned about the safety in Morocco, we decided the best thing was to go there and judge it for ourselves. Having heard horror stories regarding the persistence of the market traders and expecting this to border on harassment we were pleasantly surprised to find this was not the case. Likewise stories of women getting harassed was a cause for concern, we are pleased to say again this was not our experience, Bronwen thoroughly enjoyed her visit to the country and never felt compromised throughout, she never felt the need to ‘cover up’ and dressed exactly the same as she would on a trip to Spain. The Moroccan people we met were very friendly and most we met spoke passable English.

Golf Courses in Morocco:Morocco has an immense variety of great golf courses. The caddies ranged greatly in standard but all were equally friendly and willing. We have played some of Morocco’s best courses – see our Morocco Golf review.At the end of our trip we concluded that Morocco, like everywhere else in the world, is changing rapidly and although there may have been safety concerns in the past that no longer is the case.All in all we can highly recommend Morocco to those who are looking to visit a charming country, steeped in history and tradition and with great golf courses and amazing sites.

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