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Riviera Cancun Golf Back

It is perhaps at the executive golf course at Mayan Resorts Riviera Maya that Nicklaus Design, the world s foremost Golf Course design firm, best captures the innovative and revolutionary essence of the Mayan Palace style. An 18-hole par 54 this 2923-yard long filled with radiant white sand traps, the dark tones of natural stone lining pristine lakes, the deep, lush hue of the greens and the waste bunkers, this course is a garden of delights for golf lovers. An imposing golf course with many surprising features, for example the 276 yard-long 13th hole played into the prevailing wind. The 17th, the courses signature hole, nicknamed Donna-green boasts two bunkers on either side of the green and one more at its center, making it a one-of-a-kind, and notoriously difficult to escape from with a par.

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