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When you think of Morocco, images of bustling souks, ornate palaces and sweeping desert landscapes might spring to mind. However, the nation also boasts one of the most exquisite golf destinations in the world: Mazagan's Golf Resort. Situated along the sun-drenched Atlantic coastline, this resort marries Morocco's rich cultural heritage with golfing brilliance.

Morocco has always been a magnetic destination, drawing travellers with its mix of Arab, Berber, and European influences.

The golf course, designed by the legendary South African golfer Gary Player, is ingenious. Every fairway, green, and bunker is created in such a way that it integrates effortlessly with the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. The course stretches along the beach, providing golfers with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. The sea breeze adds an extra layer of challenge, ensuring that both novice and experienced golfers find the course exhilarating. With dunes and natural contours, the 18-hole links course is a journey through Moroccan beauty.

Beyond the greens, the resort exudes an atmosphere of opulence. Drawing inspiration from Morocco's rich architectural heritage, the design of the resort is a blend of Moorish opulence and modern elegance. Rooms and suites, lavishly adorned with traditional motifs, overlook the sea, the gardens, or the golf course, offering guests a range of stunning vistas to choose from.

Culinary experiences at the Mazagan are a feast for the senses. The resort pays homage to Morocco's diverse culinary legacy while also offering international dishes. Whether it's the fragrant tagines, fresh seafood, or international gourmet delights, dining here is an immersive experience.

Mazagan doesn't stop at golf and gastronomy. It recognises the importance of holistic well-being. The resort's spa and wellness centre draw from age-old Moroccan wellness traditions, incorporating them into treatments designed for modern-day relaxation and rejuvenation. Using ingredients like argan oil and Moroccan clay, the treatments promise authentic local experiences.

Additionally, the resort's commitment to sustainability and community upliftment sets it apart. From eco-friendly practices to initiatives that support local artisans and communities, the Mazagan's ethos is deeply rooted in responsible luxury.

The Mazagan's Golf Resort is not merely a golfing retreat; it's a gateway to experiencing the multi-faceted allure of Morocco. Combining the best of sport, luxury, culture, and sustainability, it stands as a beacon for those seeking a golfing getaway that goes beyond the ordinary.

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