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Solo Golfers

On our escorted golf tours, you can enjoy an adventure led by our golf pro Jacques Gous, where you will meet like-minded people. We have many solo golfers who have enjoyed our escorted golf tours and our fun and sociable golf tournaments. Many of our amateur golf tournaments include tuition and are ideal for solo golfers, couples and groups of friends. Other golf holidays where a solo traveller can join a group are our Luxury Rail Golf Safaris and our Luxury Golf Cruises.

Luxury golf holidays and exciting adventures perfect for single travellers

We think golf holidays are the ideal way for solo golfers to holiday. Either join one of our escorted golf trips, or a sociable golf tournament or enjoy a solo stay at a luxury golf resort where the resort will facilitate arranging a round with other golfers staying at the resort.

We’re experts in creating flexible tailor-made single golfer holidays, so you can choose exactly what you want to do and talk it through with someone who has been there.

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Our favourite Golf Holiday Locations

Meet like-minded people and make lifelong friends

Escorted golf holidays are suitable for solo travellers where you will meet like-minded golfers, enjoy good food and wine and play on some of the best golf courses around the world.

Expert tour guide with golf tuition included

Our golf pro Jacques is extremely knowledgeable about the golf destinations we use, and will also be on hand to offer expert tuition and advice on improving your game during your stay. Our golf tours combine social golf, local cultural experiences with top quality resorts and golf courses.

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Play stunning courses and visit exotic locations

If you are concerned that joining an escorted golf holiday means that every day and night is filled with pre-set activities, leaving no time to relax and chill out, rest assured that is not the case. On most escorted golf tours, you’ll enjoy 5 or 6 rounds of golf, leaving plenty of time for exploring, sightseeing or relaxing, making it the perfect holiday for solo golfers!

There is total flexibility with our solo golf holidays, and if you have any doubts about what’s involved in an escorted tour just call and ask one of our experts who can answer any questions you might have. Contact us today for more information about our fantastic solo golf holidays and ask us any questions or discuss any concerns that you might have. We promise you won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer.

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