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Madeira Golf Trip: now I've been everywhere man!

Hi all,

Well it's that time of year again, when the golf clubs come out and the swear jars fill up...

I have recently returned from a 5 day educational trip to Madeira, which is our latest product.

I must say that I travelled out to Madeira with some misconceptions and the main one was the age group of the tourists I would encounter whilst out there.

Madeira has always had the tag of being home to silver surfers, in other words, older clientele.

As soon as I arrived these misconceptions were blown out of the water, and the only surfing to be done was past myself on the leaderboard. The beauty and the scenery is the first thing to strike you about Madeira. The towns and cities are literally etched into the side of the mountain that is Madeira.

Some of the hills and Levada walks are a stern test for a sprightly 31-year-old like me, not to mention our older generation.

There were young families, honeymooners, older couples and groups and all these visitors freely mingled and did what they were there to do... ENJOY THEMSELVES!

I played golf whilst there at Palheiro GC and Santo da Serra GC. Both courses were absolutely spectacular. Trust me, and I am proof of this, if your game is not going as planned the scenery and beauty of the courses will soften the blow and take you to that calm place that all us golfers need to go to sometimes.

The accommodation and service are some of the best I have seen and, in the words of Johnny Cash, I’ve been everywhere man!

One of my favourite parts of any holiday is the food and drink and Madeira surpassed all my expectations of this. As its an island you can imagine how fresh and plentiful the seafood is. My personal favourite being the local dish, “Black Scabbard” although it is one ugly fish when it has just been pulled from the sea!

Please have a look at our website for some great offers for Madeira or contact me and I would be happy to discuss this wonderful island with you.

All the best for now.