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Planning a Golf Holiday to South Africa -What You Need to Know

Planning Your Golf Holiday to South Africa

Planning a golf holiday to the expansive South Africa can be daunting, but we at Chaka Travel are here to ease the process. Whether you're a couple, group, or family, we can tailor an itinerary just for you. From must-visit regions to must-play golf courses, we'll use our expertise to guide you through planning your perfect trip.

To kickstart your plans, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions for golfers visiting South Africa for the first time. This covers everything from travel time and currency to driving information, along with tips on the best time to visit, local climate variations, and transportation options.

You can find the complete list of FAQs and their answers here.

Below are some key pointers to help you start planning your South African golf holiday or safari:

Optimal Time for a South African Golf Holiday

South Africa's pleasant climate makes it a year-round destination. Their summer spans November to March, and winter runs from May to September. While summer brings rain, the Western Cape receives most of its rainfall in winter. Nights can get chilly in interior regions due to the higher altitude.

Best Winter and Summer Regions

During winter, the Northern Regions offer mild temperatures, perfect for game viewing. The Southern Regions shine in summer with minimal rainfall and temperatures reaching up to 30°C (86°F).

English Usage and Currency

English is widely spoken across South Africa. The currency is the Rand (ZAR), and while credit cards are accepted, having some cash is recommended. The Rand's value against major currencies ensures affordability for travelers.

Travel Options in South Africa

Self-driving is straightforward with well-maintained roads and signs. Car rentals can be arranged for pickup at airports or hotels. Transfers and escorted tours are also available for those who prefer not to drive. For more detailed advice on transportation, see our South Africa FAQ.

Golfing Details in South Africa

Caddies and golf carts are available at most courses, and soft spikes are often required. Proof of handicap may be needed for club competitions. Always observe the course's etiquette, including repairing divots and maintaining the pace of play. Enjoy the unique golfing environment South Africa offers, from the scenic backdrops to the wildlife on the courses.

Golf Course Dress Code

Men should wear long pants or golf shorts, collared shirts, and soft-spiked shoes. Ladies can wear tailored trousers, skirts, or golf shorts with a collared shirt. Clubhouses usually require smart casual attire and may have specific dress codes post-6pm.

Luggage and Golf Club Transport

The general allowance is 23kg for luggage, with golf clubs often included in airfares. Internal flights may incur additional fees for golf bags. The specific allowance will be detailed in your quote.